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October 10th , 2016, Chinese Super League Co., Ltd. (short for CSL) held a public bidding conference in Shenzhen, which is for bidding the LED advertising signboard supplier of the 16 clubs. There are five companies invited in this conference, and Sage LED was one of LED display company, and the only one Unlisted State-Owned Enterprises.


CSL is sponsored by the China Football Association, the Domestic Top Professional Football Club, who has the highest level of professional soccer league.


September 12th, 2016, CSL invited public bidding for official LED display supplier, from 2017 to 2020, 4 years in total. During that time the official screen supplier will in charge of providing all full color LED screen used in CSL match, including the control system and other related service.


According to CSL’ s bidding plan, the company who attend the public bidding, besides sponsor the LED signboard for the 16 CSL Club, also need to sponsor some cash. And there is no limitation. In the bidding, the bidding unit is 5 million RMB, and each 500 million RMB is five scores, which company has highest scores will be the final winner.


Sage LED, as a professional LED Display manufacturer with experiences over 14 years, who has a strong supporter, JILIN Forest Group. And strong advantages in sports LED screen.

Since 2011, Sage LED signed official LED screen supplier contract with NBL. 2012, signed the official LED screen supplier contract with WCBA.

Otherwise, Sage LED also provide lots of sports LED perimeter screen for Turkish Basketball Federation (short for TBF). And the end of September, Sage LED shipped 53 sq.m P6 basketball LED perimeter to Turkey.


Sage LED already take lot of Basketball Perimeter Screen market, through this CSL bidding opportunity, Sage LED is aim to a new market in Football Perimeter Screen Application.




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