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  1, Suspension structure, hanging in the central of the venue, equipped with lifting structure.
  2, Assembling structure, the entire funnel structure can be assembled and disassemble easily, it is time saving, labor saving and transportation saving.
  3, Seamless splicing, no black or black line in the edges and corners area, the viewing effect is better.
  4,Dynamic,compared with the original light box, the four trapezoidal area as gold advertising zone changed to the digital billboard, the broadcast content will be random and the operating income will be more rich.
  5, The "3 highs" design, high refresh (3000 HZ), high contrast( 2000:1) and high gray level (65536 )
  6, Compatible with a variety of media equipment, and support PAL/NTSC format, CVBS, S - VIDEO, VGA, DVI (HD/SD/PC), HDMI (HDCP/SD/HD/PC), YPbPr, SDI (SD/HD / 3 G) signal.
  7, High reliability, considering the demands of high reliability system for live television, we designed the double computers backups (optional), double sending card backups (optional), double receiving card backups (optional), double Ethernet port backups (optional) and the detection function of network error rate.
P6 Cube Led Display
  The main screen: (Square Area) Live show, close-up shot, playback, competition information broadcast, advertisement and other switching varieties.
  The secondary screen: (Trapezoidal Area) Mainly for advertisement, can also combined into a whole screen with the main square screen.
  Cylindrical screen: Generally used for advertising, text messages, etc., can use be loop playback and partition play.
P6 Cube Led Display
  Sage’s time & scoring system is a set of portable information release system which applied in all kinds of ball games. The designated referee or relevant staff in the venue operate the system, control the match rhythm and collect statistical data, and the operating results will be displayed on the LED screen.The system can automatically get the statistic data for the match referee and competition analysis.
  The fence panel in the stadium is a kind of unconventional ratio LED display, such as 50:1, 100:1,200:1 or 300:1, it is unfavorable to use the control system suit for the conventional ratio as 4:3 or 16:9.Our R&D team have dedicated the specialized control system that one computer control the LED screen with 320 meters long and 1 meter high. Users only need to make video or pictures according to the actual size, and don't need to cut the video or pictures, so as to avoid the sync problem, reduce the workload and increase the visual effect of display screen. For the LED display with more than 320 meters width, we can use more computers to realize. Theoretically, the control system can realize the display of infinite pixels.



       Download: Stadium Cube LED Display D6





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